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About Casa de Macau Australia


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Mission Statement


Casa de Macau's mission in Australia is to promote and maintain Macanese culture within the local community.

Our objectives include:

  • Fostering an awareness and interest within the general community for Macanese culture
  • Provide and maintain a cultural or community centre for the benefit of the Macanese people in Australia
  • Promote or assist in promoting the study of, or research into, the Macanese history and culture
  • Promote or assist in promoting the conservation of objects or items of cultural or historical significance to Macanese people
  • Facilitate and co-ordinate visits to Macanese communities and places of cultural significance to Macanese people
  • Promote sporting and recreational activities in the interest of the welfare of the Macanese people in Australia
  • Promote and encourage the education of Macanese people, including the provision of libraries, bursaries and scholarships


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Term of Office 2019

Newsletter Editor: Denice Smith
Website: Maria Dos Santos-Lee


Representatives of Conselho das Comunidades Macaenses (CCM)

Conselho Geral:

- President, Lizette Viana Akouri
- Vice President, Leonor Andrade Deacon

Conselho Permante:

- President, Lizette Viana Akouri

Representative of Confraria da Gastronomia Macaense (CGM)

- Anotonieta Manolakis

Youth (Juventude) Representatives:

- Stephanie Deacon (NSW)

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Casa Premises

From the 24th May 2007 Casa de Macau Australia became the owner of a modest stand alone property at Sydenham, Sydney. After seven years of searching for an appropriate site, and several unsuccessful attempts, our Casa now has a place to call our own.

The official opening of the Macanese Cultural Centre (MCC) was on May 16th, 2009.

This is an exciting chapter of our Casa’s history as it will allow us to have a base from which we can continue to promote our unique culture and heritage with our motto: “Keeping the Macanese Community Alive”.

The Committee, wish to thank the members who never lost faith that we would one day achieve our main objective - cognisant of the mandate set by the providers of the generous funds from Macau in 1999 for this specific purpose in fulfilling our commitment and the aspirations of so many within our Casa and the global family that we belong to. We are grateful and appreciative of this financial support for the benefit of our community.

Casa de Macau Australia Premises

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Casa Australia Member Demographics 2007


Casa de Macau Song
On 3rd December 2006 a song for the Casa de Macau was officially launched at the NSW Casa Christmas Social on Sunday attended by approximately 230 Casa members.
This song was especially written, produced and sung by Patrick De Souza and Carlos Rosario. Their band is called Rossou.
You can play or download it by clicking here
For more details and lyrics to the song
click here
You can check out their website by
clicking here